shout1 [ ʃaut ] verb intransitive or transitive ***
to say something in a loud voice:
He was one of those speakers who shout into the microphone.
shout at the top of your voice (=as loudly as you can): I want to go now, Danny shouted at the top of his voice.
a. to use a loud voice when you are angry:
shout at someone/something: Donna shouted at the men furiously.
shout insults/abuse (at someone): As she left the court, she shouted insults at the police.
scream and shout (at someone/something): Some of the patients were screaming and shouting at the nurses.
b. to use a loud voice when you want someone far away to hear you:
shout to someone: We shouted across to the driver to tell him to turn off the engine.
c. to make a sudden loud noise because you are afraid or feeling pain:
A man in the next bed was shouting wildly in pain.
d. shout yourself hoarse to shout so much that your throat becomes sore and you cannot speak very well
shout something from the rooftops
to tell everyone about something that you are very happy about or proud of
,shout `down phrasal verb transitive
to make it difficult to hear what someone says by shouting while they are speaking:
The mayor was shouted down as he tried to justify the government's decision.
,shout `out phrasal verb intransitive or transitive
1. ) to say something suddenly in a very loud voice:
I wanted to shout out and stop her, but she was already gone.
An officer was shouting out orders.
2. ) to interrupt a speech or lecture by shouting something:
A few people in the audience shouted out questions.
shout 2 [ ʃaut ] noun count *
the sound of someone shouting, or the words they shout:
They could hear angry shouts coming from the kitchen.
shout of: People were greeting each other, and there were shouts of laughter.
give someone a shout MAINLY BRITISH SPOKEN
to go and tell someone something:
Give me a shout when it's ready.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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